My paintings are a celebration of life a synthesis of energy, emotion and colour using the theme of landscape, trees and the natural world.

Artist Info

Born Bulwayo Zimbabwe 1961

BA Hons Fine Art Dundee 1983

Practicing artist London 1984-1995

Numerous exhibitions group and solo across this period.

1996 to date.  Art and Design teacher in Schools Glasgow.

Artist Statement

2020 and the beginning of lockdown marked for me what has turned out to be one the most creative periods of my life.

Maybe life in lockdown provided the time and space for the creative seed to nurture and blossom. Whatever the cause 2020 marked my return to being an active artist and it feels great!

The last 4 years of my life have been marked with some considerable drama. (Covid and lockdown aside). Summer of 2017 I took seriously ill. A double whammy of necrotizing fasciitis and cancer. Consequent operations resulted in the loss of my right arm and shoulder girdle but the gift of my life.

 Massive gratitude to our amazing NHS and the kindness of others. A year later I was back to work.

To still be alive at all is amazing, to be reinventing myself as an artist at the age of 59 with bits of my body missing feels pretty special.

So it is with this zeal for life that these painting are made. They are not only a celebration of life but also of being alive.

Arran Zambezi


Centre de Arts Geneva SOLO Exhibition.

A snippet of upcoming Geneva exhibition ‘Landscape of origins’ featuring 20 landscape paintings.


Derfner Judacaica Museum New York.

‘F11 Digital Paintings for Full Screen’.



I am delighted to have had these three paintings selected…

Click link for full press release of all 10 artists involved.

Beech tree moonshine
Cape flowers
River in bloom
Watch painting River in bloom in progress here.

Derfner Judacaica Museum press release:

Donald Hargrove’s lush landscapes are rendered with painterly strokes, textures and subtle color gradations. Working from photographs, sketches executed both digitally and on paper, pure imagination or en plein air, Hargrove approaches digital art the same way as traditional painting, describing it as working with “pixels rather than paint.” He began exploring the medium for the first time during the pandemic after a long period of inactivity, describing working in a digital format as “reviving my own creativity but also my identity as an artist.”

Some of my artworks have now been made available to purchase as NFT’s on Rarible.
To view my NFT COLLECTION on the Rarible click here or paste link to your browser:

All enquires to: Donald Hargrove.



Love your page and your beautiful artworks. You are a total inspiration Donald both as a person and an artist. Wishing you all the best for the future.

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