River in bloom in progress
Interview with artist Hargrove by curator Gilles Grassioulet
Maxwell Pond in the making
Time lapse documenting the painting of Walking the Tweed.

Time lapse clip of the painting ‘Maxwell Park’. One of the greatest simple pleasures is to watch nature changing from season to season and moment to moment. Many of my paintings have been inspired by the these joyful ganders during lockdown in my local park.

As a landscape painter inevitably environmental issues arise. This time lapse video documents the making of what turned out to be several paintings on the theme of erosion and consequently the life and death of a tree. Hence the title Erosion Corrosion’. The word corrosion being a play on words leaving the viewer to extract meaning. Or not. The video documents the trees eroding landscape, it’s life in all it’s various forms and finally it’s transformation to the spirit world.

‘Winter Joys’
Time lapse clip of the painting ‘Winter Joys’. Winter like all the seasons provides it’s unique festival for the eyes. This painting celebrates the visual joy that is winter
Celebrating the final stage of the creative process the signing of the print.


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